How To

1.) Download Infinity Sync
2.) Download GTA V Save Editor Plugin
3.) Download Script Hook V
4.) Extract the Plugin and Script Hook V
      into the root directory of GTA V
5.) Create a new text file named
      "GameSync.ini" in your documents folder
6.) In "GameSync.ini" file add your username
      and password for your X3T-Infinity account

      (Line 1) Username=XB36Hazard
      (Line 2) Password=MyPassword

7.) Startup GTA V
      Use F4 to Sign In
      Use F6 to Sign Out
      Once signed in, sign into Infinity Sync
      on your Android device




First Release:

Dec. 20, 2017

Last Update:

Sep. 22, 2020

Current Version:

Vehicle DB:

Sep. 22, 2020